Advice on Your Bridal Shoes

Bridesmaids Shoes
For your bridesmaids why not have there shoes dyed to match there dresses. Or go for a completely different colour that would compliment there outfits or different colour shoes for each bridesmaids. Having all your bridesmaids in the same shoe would be ideal but sometimes it can be very hard to find one style shoe that suits and fits all your bridesmaids. As everybody feels comfort in different heel heights and different styles. So a option that we find works well if you cant manage to get all your bridesmaids to settle for one style is let the bridesmaids find there own styles but have the shoes all dyed to the same colour so they look the same but they are actually different styles. Within Our Range of bridal shoes we have a pair of shoes for everybody we have low heels, mid heels and high heels, Round, square, pointy, open or closed toes. Sandals, full shoes, platforms very detailed to more simple styles. If you would like to get the shoes dyed, be sure to get them all dyed at the same time so that the colour won’t vary. With Regards to Children’s bridesmaids shoes you will want to get these closer to the wedding encase they change sizes as you wont want to be buying 1 pair that fits perfectly 6 months before the wedding and then they change sizes 6 weeks before and its too late to take the original pair back.

Bridal Alterations:
Remember that you will need your bridal shoes for the alterations of your dress as the heel height will determine the length. As you don’t want the wrong length dress due to not having your bridal shoes in time. This is also the same for bridesmaids.

Another Pair Of Shoes:
If you decide to have another pair of shoes for your reception remember that if you go for a lower heel than you had for your wedding shoes your dress may drag on the ground due to it being altered to your wedding shoes heel height. But why not have an elegant pair for your wedding and then a party pair of your heel height choice whether its a pair of ivory satin pumps or sky high platform for your evening of dancing!!

Wearing In your Bridal Shoes:
Once you have brought your perfect pair of bridal shoes be sure to wear them in just like any other pair of shoes you have brought. It is a good idea to buy your bridal shoes within plenty of time before your wedding so you have them for your dress fittings and of course to wear them in. As there will be nothing worse than them being uncomfortable and rubbing on your big day. Wear your shoes around the house starting with 5-10 minuets and increasing the amount of time you wear them over the up and coming weeks to your wedding but being careful not to spill anything on them!!
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