Choosing your wedding shoes

Women and shoes are a match made in heaven, so on your wedding day it should be no different. Your dress, flowers and jewellery need to be complimented by a beautiful pair of bridal shoes. If you know that everything you're wearing is perfect for you, then your wedding shoes will complete your outfit. You will spend much of your wedding day on your feet, from taking that special walk down the aisle to dancing all night long. We therefore understand that getting the correct bridal shoes is extremely important.

Bridal shoes are just as important as important as choosing your wedding dress, which is often overlooked! The perfect bridal shoes should offer you comfort, style, a perfect colour and a stylish yet comfortable heel height - this applies to your bridesmaids, too! 

If you've chosen a very detailed dress with pearls, crystals, beading or diamante, then perhaps a simple pair of elegant heels would compliment the dress very well and balance your look. If you go for a dress with simpler detailing, why not try some shoes with a little sparkle, cluster or floral detail?

For your wedding day it is important that choose a heel height that you are used to, and comfortable with. If you are not used to very high heels, it may be wise to try shoes with a heel height between 5 and 7cm. Bear in mind the height of your groom, as you probably won't want to be towering over him at the alter or in your photographs! A height of around 7cm will offer enough height to help you stand tall and feel amazing, but at the same time will offer comfort and stability, which is so crucial on a day when your nerves are likely to be sky rocketing! 

If you would like the extra height but without the discomfort, you might like to consider bridal shoes with a platform sole. These are ideal for adding an extra couple of centimetres and a perfect choice if you are not used to stilettos, or don't wear heels frequently

If you will be wearing stockings or tights on your wedding day make sure you try your bridal shoes wearing them, as this can make a huge difference. If you choose to go bare-legged, ensure you try your bridal shoes beforehand in bare feet so that you get the correct feel and size. 

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